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"Moongate is a collection of impressionistic studies written by myself for classical guitar, double bass and flute. Although some of the ideas were old, written during my years studying music at the Conservatory of Music of Tatuí in Brazil, most of them were written and completed between 2021 and 2022 and recorded between Fall and Winter 2022. The music is complemented by artworks of landscapes, matching the ambience of the musical pieces. Each piece was written with a landscape in mind, rather than lyrics or stories, and I wrote the music using a different set of musical elements such as scale modes, chords, rhythms and melodic phrases to describe the colors and aesthetic of the paintings. "

Recorded by Jason Jaknunas

at Metropolitan Studios

Illustrated by Max Suleimanov

Photography by Damir Isailovic

Studio Photos by Jason Jaknunas

Written by Victor Anastacio

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Performed by:

     Colleen Leslie - Flute

     Philippe Charbonneau - Bass

     Victor Anastacio - Guitar

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