Victor  Anastacio

Graduated in Classical Guitar by the "Conservatorio Musical Dr. Carlos de Campos de Tatuí" in Brazil, where he studied Classical Guitar with Prof. Ricardo Grion and all other subjects of the course, such as Music Theory, Choir, Harmony, History of Music, Counterpoint and Analysis, with several other teachers.


He was a scholarship student from 2016 to 2018 in the "Performance" categorie where he participated as a member of the Guitar Camerata of the Conservatoire of Tatuí formed by scholarship students and teachers of the institution, performing various concerts.

He did an improvement in Classical Guitars with Prof. Edson Lopes, also at the Conservatory of Tatuí.


In 2017, he was placed in 2nd place in the 5th Internal Competition of Classical Guitar of the Conservatory of Tatuí, in the category "Above 18 years old".


He studied electric guitar with private teachers and self-taught before joining the Conservatory. He has performed in bands and musical groups doing shows in bars, restaurants and nightclubs throughout the state of São Paulo.


He has worked as teaching Classical and Electric guitar since 2008 and has also taught at several music schools and High Schools. As a private teacher, he teaches all aspects of music and instrument, as well as the importance of music to society.