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About me


My name is Victor Anastacio, classical guitarist, composer and music teacher.

I graduated in Classical Guitar from the "Conservatorio Musical Dr. Carlos de Campos de Tatuí" in Brazil, where I studied Classical Guitar with Prof. Ricardo Grion and all other subjects of the course, such as Music Theory, Choir, Harmony, History of Music, Counterpoint and Analysis, with several other teachers.


I was a scholarship student from 2016 to 2018 in the "Performance" category where I participated as a member of the Guitar Camerata of the Conservatoire of Tatuí formed by scholarship students and teachers of the institution, performing various concerts.

I did an post-graduated course in Classical Guitars with Prof. Edson Lopes, also on the Conservatory of Tatuí.


In 2017, I won the 2nd place in the 5th Internal Competition of Classical Guitar of the Conservatory of Tatuí, in the category "Above 18 years old".


I also studied electric guitar with private teachers and self-taught before joining the Conservatory. I performed in bands and musical groups doing shows in bars, restaurants and nightclubs throughout the state of São Paulo.

In 2020 I immigrated to Canada with my family (wife and son) through an immigration process for artists by displaying cultural value for the country and World-Class artistic practice.


I work primarily as a private music teacher, teaching Classical and Electric guitar since 2008 and I also taught at several music schools and High Schools in Brazil and in Ottawa, Canada. As a private teacher, I like to teach all aspects of music and the instrument, as well as the importance of music to society and for self-development.


Photography: Damir Isailovic

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